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In this Tutorial i have shown how you can Install & Run PC File Explorer in Android Smartphone using Exagear Strategies. PC File Explorer so this the file manager of any windows pc in this you can do lot of things like you access all the files photos videos audios documents and much more you can also do copy past cut delete any file in this file manager so this the pc file manager so im going to install it  android phone using Exagear Strategies. 

Exagear Windows Emulator

Exagear Windows Emulator is an Emulator Application For Android Smartphone. so this is the Emulator for android in which you can run Any windows software that is .exe file in android phone. in android we can installor play any application or game from playstore or internet. in pc also same like android have different applications and Windows PC have different Software's there are lot of different different Software's available for Windows PC with different perpose of use like making Documents, Server, Educational, and much more in android its have some limits. 

So thanks to the Developers of this application called Exagear so this is Emulator For Android Application While using this application we can Run Lot of Windows PC Software without any problem Perfectly working with every single feature not only Software's we can also play lot of Windows pc games in android .

ExaGear is a virtual machine that permits you to run Windows PC applications on ARM Android gadgets and ARM Chromebooks. Play your beloved outdated games and utilize your day by day PC applications on your telephone, tablet or Chromebook - quick and without any problem. Our remarkable innovation allows you to utilize all of your work area applications as though they were local applications for your Android gadget. Until further notice, ExaGear can dispatch the following rundown of Windows applications and games

Microsoft Office StarCraft Diablo 2 Legends of Might and Wizardry 3/4 Devotees 2 Aftermath 1/2 Sid Meier's Human advancement III Fortress Crusader Complete Destruction Caesar III also significantly more!

First of all you have to install this application n your android then use it in android. you have to download the pc software or game you want run then install it in exagear there is a long process for it. after installing all the software's and game's stored in Exagear Application.

You can Run many Software's like MS Office, PhotoShop, Typing Master, Paint, etc not only software's also windows pc Games like CS, CS GO, Civilization, Star Wars, Panzer etc.

There are lot of Emulators for android but Exagear Windows Emulator is Top best Emulator for installing PC Softwares in Android Smartphone Device.

File Explorer

My Computer is another tool you can use to manage files and folders. With this tool, you can create, rename, and move folders and copy, print, move, delete, and rename files. It also allows you to gain access to other system tools. Open My Documents. Locate the file or folder you want to move in My Documents or its subfolders. Click the file or folder you want to move. The file or folder darkens when you select it. Under File and Folder Tasks, click Move this file or Move this folder. In the Move Items dialog box, select the place where you want to move the file or folder. Click the Move button. Hold down the Ctrl key, then click to select the files or folders you want to move or copy. The files or folders darken as they are selected. Copy or move the file or folder using one of the methods explained on the previous pages. To select a consecutive group of files, click the first file, press and hold down the Shift key, and click the last file. All of the files will be selected.

This is the instructions on how to install pc software's or games in android phone using exagear strategies so this is emulator for android. we can install any windows pc software or game with using this exagear strategies apk. 

this is only tutorial on how to use exagear strategies on android i have provide detail steps below so you better understand how to use exagear on android. this is exagear strategies.

Note :- Download links are mentioned in articles

So lets begin with the steps on how to use Exagear Strategies On Android Smartphone

Step 1 :- 

First of all you have to Download exagear strategies apk here :- click here and install The Exagear Strategies application on your android device then you have to open it.

Step 2 :-

After Opening Exagear app you see an software like this. this software appear on screen because i have downloaded an software and past it into exagear folder on my internal storage i have shown it on my youtube video. so then you have to click in that software

Step 3:- 
After clicking on that software you can see this application told you to buy it try free version so you have to just click on free access to continue. its paid we are going to use it for free its providing free access for 3 days after 3 days we can uninstall and install it again and again for free.

Step 4 :- 
After  clicking on free access this options appear on screen you have to click on first option if the first one not work then you have to click on second one.

Step 5 :- 

Then Boom now you can install that software or run it. if that software require installation you have to do all the installation process if not then can directly run that software in your android phone using  exagear strategies apk. 

So this is the full process for using Exagear Strategies and Download links are given below

If you getting trouble while downloading any file from my website you can follow this link and watch a instructions video to download it here :-


So this is the way to install & run PC File Manager in Android Smartphone With using The Exagear Strategies. so this the windows pc version file manager i have installed in android phone using exagear emulator and its perfectly working.


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