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In This Tutorial im going to explain you how you can run Kolibri OS in Android Smartphone with using Limbo PC Emulator. Kolibri OS  also we can say gaming OS because there are lot of pre-loaded games in it. Kolibri OS is more look like Linux and some what look like windows but its not based on any one of them. its also have start button like windows it have desktop like Linux. and Kolibri OS is very lightest OS i have ever seen before its boot very fast its load very fast every feature is fast in this Kolibri OS. so that's why im going to show how you can run it android device. 

Limbo PC Emulator 

Limbo PC Emulator Is an Emulator Application for Android SmartPhone. Emulator is an Software in that we can run any Oprating system in the same device without disturbing the main device OS. Two OS in One Device the OS which we are running is in Emulator it not like the main OS its have some limitations we can't use that os what we actually use the main OS of the device. Emulator Software's was first Made for PC Then now thanks to the developers we can use emulator application in android device.

limbo pc emulator can run virtual OS in Android like Windows Linux And MacOS also in the limbo app there are lot of options like giving machine name selecting CPU for virtual OS selecting ram the main most good thing of the limbo app is support any OS Which is in ISO,IMG,Qcow2 etc you can set CPU cores. While running Any os on android with limbo may Slow down your Android Because this limbo app going to use your android ram but don't worry its not going to effects your android device anyway. There are lot of Emulators for android deice but limbo is on first place.

Limbo is an Emulator for Android gadget controlled by QEMU and depend libraries. It permits you to run Work area PC working frameworks with copied fringe gadgets. It is viable with little lightweight working framework. To see a rundown of viable OSes click under Guides from the top menu.

Enormous working frameworks probably won't work by any means or be extremely sluggish so it is prescribed to consistently utilize a SD card to run your visitor working framework. The explanation is that huge working frameworks utilize a ton of memory and may be focusing on your gadget stockpiling. So Ensure you utilize an Outer SD Card to run your virtual Hard Circle and Cd ROM pictures from.

Limbo PC Emulator is an application that allows you to imitate diverse working frameworks on your Android. The application is viable with ARM gadgets just as x86 gadgets, allowing you to copy Windows 98, Windows XP, or even Windows 7.

Perhaps the most awesome aspect of this application is that you don't have to have any information on the best way to utilize it. You simply need to follow a couple of steps and in under two minutes you can imitate a total working framework on your Android.

One more intriguing component remembered for Limbo PC Emulator is that it allows you to imitate a few distinctive video cards, allowing you to utilize your gadget as though it were a PC. One more in addition to is that it takes up almost no memory on your gadget.

You can Many OS in Limbo Like Windows 2000,95,98,XP,7,8,10,11. Any Linux Eg :- Red Hat. Debian Novell Suse Gentoo Slackware. Ubuntu ect.

Kolibri OS 

Image Source - Google | Image by - KolibriOS Project Team

KolibriOS is a small open-source working framework with a solid precautionary bit and video drivers for 32-digit x86 engineering PCs. KolibriOS is a fork of MenuetOS, composed totally in FASM (low level computing construct). In any case, C, C++, Free Pascal, Forward, among other significant level dialects and compilers, can likewise be utilized in application improvement. KolibriOS highlights a rich arrangement of utilizations that incorporate a word processor, picture watcher, graphical editorial manager, internet browser, and over games. This is an amazingly fun minimal working framework. Your situation will be unique and some usefulness might be missing like sound or systems administration yet it's a disclosure for it's size and speed. Has some fundamental projects. Bizarre conceivable gem waiting to be discovered here to anybody that is understanding this! Prepare your virtual boxes.

KolibriOS is essentially wonderful. It is blindingly quick, and exceptionally simple to explore and utilize. The point of interaction is exceptionally spotless and exact, also extremely current in its own interesting way. It is additionally very element rich, including improvement conditions, and a few exemplary games, in addition to other things. There is likewise a mass of projects accessible from the svn vault. These are star focuses; I can't imagine any cons. KolibriOS motivates me to do some learning and improvement and porting.

Assuming that you believe you're into working frameworks then you should attempt this. Why simply adapt Get together programming when you can have the total insight of an unadulterated Gathering work area framework. KolibriOS shows exactly how swollen and slow most working frameworks are. Indeed it's blindingly quick. It's not composed altogether in ColorFORTH Spasebam balshoi. KolibriOS has forked off from MenuetOS in 2004, and is run under autonomous improvement from that point forward. All our code is open-source, with most of the code delivered under GPLv2 permit. Your criticism is especially valued, and your assistance is much more gladly received.

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So Lets Start this post and see How can we Run Kolibri OS on Any Android Phone. First of all You need to Install the Limbo PC Emulator Application in your Android Smartphone and Download the Required Kolibri ISO file to boot the OS. at the end of the post Below you will find all the download links so Download all the file and copy it to your smartphone Internal storage

If you find any problem you can follow my YouTube Tutorial video :-

  1. Steps

So lets Start the Procedure to run Kolibri OS in Android using Limbo

I have explain the Steps in this tutorial this steps can be same in every post. this is only steps procedure to follow to install or run any os like windows xp 7 10 or Linux.

Step 1 - emulator to use

First of all you have to download the limbo pc emulator application in your android device download links here Limbo apk :- click here after downloading you have to install it in your android device. after installing open it

Step 2 - creating machine

After opening you can see the interface of the limbo pc emulator application. now you can you have to click on none and create a new machine with giving them a name

As you can see in the above picture i have given name windows you can give any name. then click to create 

Step 3 - display interface


Now you have to make sure in the user interface section the display options is on sdl at first it is on vlc you have to check it on sdl

Step 4 - cpu/board

Now you have to configurate the cpu and board settings in limbo. first you have check the architecture its may be x64 or x84 you can select one of them according to os. then you have to select the cpu i always select coreduo because its work very good with any windows. then you have to select the ram. ram depend on your android i have to explain this with example if your android device have 4gb ram and only 1gb ram left then you have o select only about 800mb ram because limbo going to use your android device ram to run windows but dont worry its not going to herm your device. 

Step 5 - selecting os


Now scroll down then you see Disk section you have to click on it and then you have tick on first one as shown above picture. now you have to open then OS which you have downloaded. download here 
Kolibri os :- click here . you have to select the os.

Step 6 - final

Then you have to scroll all the way down you see a section named Advance click on it and you see option high priority you have click check it. then done. then you have to scroll all the way up and click to play button

Step 7 - booting 

After clicking on play button as you can see the above picture the kolibri os is started booting and showing some scripts and commands. here it only take few seconds to boot.

Step 8 - desktop

Finally the Kolibri OS is booted as i already said this is the lighest os so its only taken few moments to boot and the desktop is here as you can see there are lot of pre-loaded software's

Here i have open a game i already said that the kolibri os we can say gaming os there are lot of pre-loaded games and all games are playble as you can i have open a game and playing in it.

If you getting trouble while downloading any file from my website you can follow this link and watch a instructions video to download it here :-


So this is the way to run Kolibri OS in Android Smartphone With using The Limbo PC Emulator. this is the way and easest way to run Kolibri in android so you can use perfectly working parrot os in android phone with perfectly working softwares games. if we talk about games this OS specially made for gaming there are lot of pre-loaded games that you can play every single game is working perfectly.


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