How to Use Limbo PC Emulator | Run windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 in Android Smartphone

This is Only instructions to use Limbo PC Emulator Application in Android Smartphone. I have explain the Steps in this tutorial this steps can be same in every post. this is only steps procedure to follow to install or run any os like windows xp 7 10 or Linux.
I have make lot of videos on my channel on that how you can run any OS using Limbo PC Emulator 

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You can find my youtube videos here :-

So lets begin the steps. Every steps must be follow carefully to make sure everything will work fine.

Step 1 :- 
First of all you have to Download limbo pc emulator application here :- click here in your android device. after downloading you have to install it in your android device. after installing open it

Step 2 :- 
After opening you can see the interface of the limbo pc emulator application. now you can you have to click on none and create a new machine with giving them a name
As you can see in the above picture i have given name windows you can give any name. then click to create 

Step 3 :- 

Now you have to make sure in the user interface section the display options is on sdl at first it is on vlc you have to check it on sdl

Step 4 :- 

Now you have to configurate the cpu and board settings in limbo. first you have check the architecture its may be x64 or x84 you can select one of them according to os. then you have to select the cpu i always select coreduo because its work very good with any windows. then you have to select the ram. ram depend on your android i have to explain this with example if your android device have 4gb ram and only 1gb ram left then you have o select only about 800mb ram because limbo going to use your android device ram to run windows but dont worry its not going to herm your device. 

Step 5 :- 
Now scroll down then you see Disk section you have to click on it and then you have tick on first one as shown above picture. now you have to open then OS which you have downloaded. the download link given down. you have to select the OS.

Step 6 :- 

Then you have to scroll all the way down you see a section named Advance click on it and you see option high priority you have click check it. then done. then you have to scroll all the way up and click to play button

Step 7 :- 
After clicking play button the os has been started booting and showing some commands on screen just turn on the screen rotation to get the full view of os.

After taking some time for booting finally the windows have successfully loaded in android device as you can see in the above picture. now you can use it with fully working windows.

So at the end i say you have to give it a try in your android device its dose not require any pc to do it just a application called Limbo PC Emulator

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